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Digital marketing

The best guides and resources on digital marketing

Depending on where you are talented or interested in, you can further focus:

Interest : focus on

Writing : A) Content-Marketing or B) Copy-writing
Analytics-oriented : C) Search Ads or D) PPC (Pay Per Click)

You will not learn effective by just reading, so we recommend that you put it in practice right away. Here some options:

  1. Practice on a concrete case by setting up a website for a basic product or service. Apply all what you learn on digital marketing and get leads and customers. You shall also post content on Linkedin, Entrepreneurs.link etc, as the visability is supported by their user base (for Linked in it’s bigger, for Entrepreneurs.link it’s more specific).
  2. Offer local business to help them for free.
  3. Find yourself an internship and learn fast by applying it in this established environment, colleagues and their resources. After some months you are experienced and can apply it to your own case.
  4. Create an affiliate blog. Pick a niche and start creating content, as affiliate blog. This is mainly relevant if you want to learn SEO or content marketing.
Google also made an guide on digital marketing.

A) Content-Marketing

Content-Marketing is writing content with a marketing purpose, a form of indirect advertisement.

Most traditional advertising channels are focused on directly selling a product. If you turn on the TV, you’ll see ads for this a product or service.

The idea with Content-Marketing is, instead of directly pitching your product to your target audience, you create content (article, video, infographic, white papers, etc.) around the problem your product solves, and pitch that instead.


  • No money needed
  • It builds your authority in that area
  • The investment (of time) is paying back longer than an advertisement

Here is how we recommend to learn Content-Marketing:

  1. First, learn the basics. You can find a ton of online courses or articles on this. Here are some good links:

    1. HubSpot’s Academy content marketing course

    2. Neil Patel’s guide to content marketing basics

    3. Content Blogger’s guide to content marketing

  2. Learn how to create and promote authority content

    1. Hubspot’s guide to content creation

    2. Copy Blogger’s guide to creating epic content

    3. How to promote your content

  3. Learn how to create SEO content (more on this in the next section)

    1. How to use the skyscraper technique

    2. How to create SEO content

    3. How to create top content with the Wiki Strategy

  4. Learn how to do content marketing for a local business with Google’s course

  5. Read some case studies. Some of our favorites include:

    1. How Chris Von Wilpert made $100,000 by creating and promoting a single blog post

    2. How Mint grew to 1.5 million users (Mostly Content-Marketing)

B) Copywriting

Copywriting is written to the reader to make them take action. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. See Wikipedia.

Good links are:




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