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To get a quick insight, watch the two short videos, or read the below text.

An overview on how to use the platform:

More insight on why and how to join:

Learn, share and connect! The menu reflects it:

  • Entrepreneurs – Find profiles and their blogs
  • Knowledge – Find interesting blogs and profile yourself by writing some

Use the biggest challenge of your business today to filter to relevant blogs and entrepreneurs.

Some advantages: content is written by and for entrepreneurs, structured, somewhat quality checked, no viruses etc.

The profiles link directly to the websites of the entrepreneurs!

In the menu-item “The rest”:

  • Join (for free!) where you can enter the information about yourself / product or service. Please can find it in your profile and via the “Find entrepreneurs”.
  • Write a blog : you can share knowledge, they will be published in the Knowledgebase. Profile yourself and people will find you.

In the menu-item “The rest”:

  • Blog dashboard : here you get an overview of all your blogs, and you can maintain/delete them (see screenshot right (mobile : under)).


  • Login/out & profile is where you can maintain the information about you(r company), e.g. a link to your website, your skills and your blogs (see screenshot totally under).

Privacy: we comply, for all people, with the EU regulation GDPR. This respects your rights. E.g. we don’t sell your data.

In your “Account” you can yourself remove all your data.

In your profile you, and others, can also see an overview of all your blogs.

Also they will find your company-website. So they can contact you.

Under your blogs there is a clear reference to your profile. From there interested people can click directly to your website.

In your profile, click your photo to get to all your data.
Then click the following symbol to edit all your data

This platform for entrepreneurs is just starting. Be one of the first 50 entrepreneurs signing up and we'll have some extra advantages for you!

Normal advantages : promote your business via this channel, link to your website, get useful documents, connect with other entrepreneurs

Extra advantages for the first 50 entrepreneurs signing up and writing a blog: Promotional space on the front-page for 20 days