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To get insight on what is going on on your website, and specifically to understand how successful your campaigns (e.g. posts on social media) are, it is needed to monitor activity on your internet-site. For that ‘Tags‘ are needed.

Via a tag-manager ‘tags’ can be implemented. Advantages to use a tag-manager are:

  • Reduce the technical work – It’s one time per tag versus one time for tag-manager.
  • Implementing tags individually gives all people directly insight in all tags (in the browser, on any site, click right mouse button and then “View page source”. This gives the complete technical information, including all tags (or tag-manager) implemented).

Here a video on how to implement Google Tag manager, and how to setup the tags in it : click here.

Here is the Google tag manager home.


Google article on Tags, Google Tag manager

Wikipedia article about Tag management.

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