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A website is to present your self/company, tell the message, present the products and/or services and to sell (web store).
For a website the following is needed:

  • A domain-name : Your domain-name is the address people enter in their browser, to access your internet-sites. E.g. for this site.
    Parts of the internet-addressExplanation
    http(Source: Wikipedia) In short, the http stands for "HyperText Transfer Protocol" and is the technical protocol for our internet.
    (http)sIt stands for "Secure" and it means that the communication (between visitor and your website) is encrypted. It is recommended in general, and specifically when dealing with sensitive information. E.g. personal data or payments. Aqqii arranges this by default.
    wwwThis stands for : "World Wide Web" and it is advised to have this.
    Domain-name (e.g. Aqqii)The following aspects are often considered:
    - Available (check by entering in your browser)
    - Short
    - Company name
    - Starting with A
    - Related to offering
    Domain-suffix (e.g. com)See screenshot here to the upper-right
    With the domain-name there comes the right to have e-mail-addresses with that name (any@domain-name).
  • Hosting : This contains the following main elements:
    Technical elementCapacity depend on
    (Computer) storageThe amount of information, such as pages, products, pictures, video’s, orders, etc
    Computing powerThe amount and complexity of computer processes. Mainly depended on WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor and other plugins
    Connection from your domain to the internetNumber of visitors
    In the hosting-layer the software is installed, as well the storage and backups are managed, e-mail addresses are created, encryption is arranged and potential software modifications can be done.
  • Software to create the website : This type of software is called content management system (CMS). It enables users to create, manage, and modify content on a website, without needing to know anything about code. More information can be found e.g. this Wikipedia-site. Often the CMS is free, and extra pieces of software (plugins) can be loaded (free or paid) to enrich the possibilities.

After this you will need:

  • To decide the structure of the website, which will have a reflection on the pages.
  • To write the content for it (note: this will impact the structure)
  • Define a house-style (colors, logo, letter-type, size, etc)
  • Acquaint to the software
  • Layout each page
  • Arrange pictures

If you prefer to make it look professional and be efficient, it can be outsourced. Some key questions / advises:

  • What is your audience looking for?
  • Each page should serve one goal. This is clear for the visitor, as well it will improve how Search Engines (e.g. Google) will rank you (SEO).
  • Browse the internet for some good reference websites
  • Check also the websites of competitors
  • Extra languages added a while after go life, as the text in the first language will likely change several times
  • To determine color-codes: Instant-eyedropper
  • Paletton to find matching colors
  • Photo’s without copy-write are available on Pexels and Unsplash and
  • Rename the photos to terms related to your offering. It will improve your SEO.
  • To test it on several type of devices (smartphones, tables, laptops, etc), you can do this in a store for these. When life a while, you can see in Google Analytics what most of your visitors use, and what should be the priority.

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